Who We Are

Emediate is the leading provider of ad serving technology in the Nordic region.

Founded in 2001, Emediate has grown rapidly and currently employs 35 people. 35 people who have all sworn oaths to our corporate philosophy ‘Let’s impress you’.

Now, exactly how do we do that? Simple, through our 3 pillars of excellence:


  • Tailor-made Solutions – From development to setup and daily operations, we make sure that your exact needs are met.  
  • More Than an Ad Server – With next-level features like Semantic Targeting, In-Screen Measurements and Brand Protection your online advertising is guaranteed optimal ROI.


A recipe that’s earned us 6 Gazelle prizes in a row – an award given to Denmark's fastest growing profitable companies.

Emediate is owned by Cxense, a global provider of big data analytics and digital advertising.

Currently, we handle more than 45 billion ad impressions per month.



What we do

We provide web publishers, agencies and advertisers with user friendly and flexible ad serving technology for handling online advertising delivery and management.

Where to find us

Emediate is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Also, we have an office in Sweden and Norway - and resellers in Finland, Germany and Brazil.